Upcoming Seminars

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Stan and Jane Burgess

"Reach Your God-Given Potential"

The Holy Spirit works on a personal level with every person

—Harold Klemp, Love - The Keystone of Life, p. 106

Location: Brisbane, Hilton Hotel, 190 Elizabeth Street.

January 5,6 & 7, 2018 (Friday-Sunday) - for Members

Special Public Program, Sunday, January 7th - Everyone Welcome

The Seminar Experience:

Start the year with a spiritual focus and join like-hearted spiritual seekers in this inspirational weekend seminar.  Learn about past lives, dreams, Soul Travel, inner guidance and unconditional love.  Also get a chance to share your own spiritual experiences and get deeper insights… or just listen in.

Talks  ~  Discussions  ~  Workshops

Some things you can explore during the seminar:

  • Going beyond meditation
  • Experiencing the sacred sound of HU
  • Working with unconditional love in your life
  • Using creative dreaming as a key to healing, wisdom and love
  • Finding new spiritual insights in your everyday life

Special Guest Speakers - Stan and Jane Burgess

Stan and Jane Burgess have been members of ECKANKAR for over 35 years and serve as ECKANKAR Clergy. They profoundly love the ECK teachings which have transformed their lives into a wonderful adventure.

Jane and Stan live in Minneapolis, Minnesota where both work at the ECKANKAR Spiritual Center. Working with ECK artists around the world, they have been involved with the production and printing of the ECK materials. They have also contributed their own illustrations to ECK publications.

Stan and Jane have given talks and workshops internationally where they combine creative elements to engage listeners in finding their own spiritual connections with the ECK teachings.

They see ECK seminars to be outstanding vehicles for spiritual growth and are delighted to share their experiences on this journey home to God with all attendees to help them embrace a rich adventure filled with divine love.

For more information phone 0488 130 777 or email eckankarbrisbane@gmail.com
You can also visit the Facebook site for the Brisbane Eckankar Centre.

Registration and accommodation details will be listed when available.

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