Introductory Events - Spiritual Discussions

Spiritual Discussions

ECKANKAR offers spiritual conversations as a way for people to come and share their own experiences. If you prefer to come and listen, that's okay too! In a relaxed and non-judgmental setting, you'll have the opportunity to explore how divine spirit is working in your life. You'll also be able to learn useful and inspiring spiritual tools that will help you understand and enhance your spiritual experiences.

Spiritual Discussions are held online monthly and are based on one of the ECK Soul Adventure eBooklet series or ECKANKAR Soul Adventure eMagazine publications. These are available to read and download free online.

Topics include;

  • Why Do We Dream?
  • Past Lives Present Lessons
  • Life After Death
  • Karma and Reincarnation
  • Divine Guidance...

For details on the topic for the month please see the information calendar link below, including dates, time and the online meeting link.

The Spiritual Discussion details can also be accessed via our Meetup group, Eckankar in Western Australia.

You're invited to join our Meetup group via the above link if you'd like to receive regular Meetup posts about our events.

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Spiritual Experiences

Spiritual experiences are more common than many may think, nearly half the people polled in Pew Research Center study say they've had a religious or mystical experience.

Many people who come across the teachings of ECKANKAR report having had a spiritual experience. These can include déjà vu, dreams, an inner knowingness, seeing a light, feeling the presence of a divine being, amongst many more.

In the video below people share the nature of their spiritual experiences and what it means for them.

Miracles in Your Life

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